Pagan Calendar: December 26, 2016

As I am finishing 2016 I have been reading through the 365 Goddess. I have not, I am ashamed to say, given it the attention it deserves, and plan to reread each day this most awesome book, as well as following the Pagan Calender more carefully. It has come to my attention of late that there is much information and that it is not all the same as someone had previously written to me. I foolishly listened to someone’s complaint and stopped posting these regularly. Then another reader, who missed seeing them here wrote and I enlightened me concerning this most wonderful information. Blessid be as we leave one year, and go into a new.
The Wheel Weaves, as the Wheel Will.
Pagan Calendar: December 26, 2016 Posted on 12/25/2016 by Lisa L. Monday: Day of the Moon As the name suggests Monday is the Moon day. In the French word, lundi, we can see the link to lunar cycles…

Source: Pagan Calendar: December 26, 2016

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