The Seeing Eye

The Seeing Eye
Image of the Facebook post where Sarge tells us young puppy raiser Samantha and Speak Up For Service Day
Hello troops. Sarge here.
How often have you shook your head sadly and said, “Kids these days.” Well, the good news is that there are many young people who are actively helping to improve the world. Speak Up For Service is a holiday coming up on Sunday the 30th to honor young folk who do good work for the community. During the month, we’ve featured some of our do-gooders: Brenna, Samantha, and the Rutgers University Seeing Eye® Puppy Raising Club.
I approve of such dedication at a young age. Look for young people in your community and give them your encouragement and respect.
Read more about Brenna
Read more about Samantha
Sarge 0500 hours
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