Grandmother Tree

In my front yard is a big tree. During our second summer here a big storm came through and ripped part of it away. The property manager that over saw the property at that time and My then fiancé wanted to cut it down. I, did not, and when I learned that the tree cutters were coming to chop it down I decided to hold a protest. On the day they were to come i planted myself under the tree and refused to move. They argued it would die. I argued that it was still living, and should be given a chance to heal. Finally they gave in. They agreed to wait saying, “If it lives till autumn it can stay.” I was so very relieved.

Each day when Campbell and I walked under it’s beautiful branches I would pat its strong trunk and say, “thank you for your shade.” One day just as autumn began the property manager came by. They examined the tree and found only growth. That evening as Campbell and I passed beneath the tree I heard a grandmotherly voice say, “Thank you for my life” I stopped! I listened. I turned and looked round. The voice whispered, “My name is Grandmother Tree, and I love you.”

Since that day, she and I, have been the best of friends. She give me shelter from sun, and rain when I am out. Her branches whisper urgently when trouble is about. She comforts me when I am sad, and shares her strength with me. Thank you, for being here, Grandmother Tree.

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