Rantings! From the Campbell Kingdom part nine) a: Wednesday! Dictated

Campbell and I woke it would seem, at the same moment. I set up, reached out my hands, he, put his paws in them. We set that way together. I, petted his head thoughtfully. One I open. The other, still sleeping. Finally we stood. Grabbing his food bowls, from the hall, I made my way sleepily into the kitchen. Scooping food into his food bowl, and pouring freshwater into the other I set them down he began to eight and they morning routine begins.

But chilly walk in the yard a few moments later lets me know that fall is definitely here. We spend a little time outside, it is early, he wants only to relieve himself check the air and go back inside. Once in we have our morning love and play. Then, my morning coffee and news. Planned a day ahead. Cheese, nuts, fruit coffee, breakfast. A longer walk Campbell takes the lead, makes the decisions, we have a mix of work obedience and play. It is it a relaxing time together. Now, Time to make decisions about newsletter, advertising, articles, and more.

Traffic flows down the street. This day inspiration and I will me. Never far do I have to look. Only go out walk around, write a new chapter in life book. Simply enjoy the day!

Until next time this is Patty and Campbell saying, may Harmony find you peace surround you! Blessid may you be!

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