Rantings! From the Campbell kingdom! Part seven dictated: what I wish I had known

Happy! Moon! Day! Candles world visitors! How are all of you? Invite and encourage all of you most awesome followers, to sound off! Let us know how you are! Write us back, tell us what you are doing. Are you having fun with a new adventure or reviving an old idea? Are you creating a new product or service? Do you have a need? Is there, something, our readers might be able to assist you with? Sound off! Indy, comment section. Let us hear from you!

Meantime here’s what I’m thinking of today. What I wish I had known.

I wish I had known that it was OK to speak up and say that my daughter and I needed serious help. I wish I had known that it was OK to be something other than my daughters friend. I wish I had known that there were other people going through what I was. I wish I had known. If I had, daughter and I would be a wonderfully complete Family unit. Instead of the hurt mangled mess we are.

I wish I had known. I wish I had known how to state the truth of my situations as they were when I went to get Campbell, and again and again when I was visited by The Seeing Eye. If I had known the things that were in my mind were false, if I had known I could have walked away. I, wish I had known.

We ask ourselves after the fact, how did I not know this? Why, did I not see? We pump our fists in the air! We stop our feet! Sometimes, we pull our hair! We scream! In our hearts, mines, and in our souls!
I wish I had known!

What would you do different? That question runs, round and round! Think about it! Read a little on the subject, even a good fantasy fiction Will do. Wasn’t it Stephen king, in 11 2263 that showed us how that would be? You can yell! You can HOWLWLWLWL!!!!!
I wish I had known! For all eternity. It is what it is. Ka! ☸️

Think, stop, act!

Turn, I wish I had known, into I knew that!

Read! Learn! Gross!

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