hi! Lady Moonwalker here  encouraging, and inviting you to read the following. Full Moon for September 2016

I have always had a deep love, respect, and fascination for our Lady Moon. Even when I was very young, and new none of what I know today I could feel her radiant power. I can even remember being awakened as a child because the moon was full. It was sometimes thought by my family and close friends that I had more usable site then what was first thought because the moon would waking me. I was too young to tell them that it was not the light that woke me but the power. I could hear the moon and I still can. It is a thrumming vibrating beautiful sound that is at its highest peak when the moon is full and A soft murmur when it is new.

Hope you enjoy this post, thank you GrannyMoon.

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Source: Full Moon for September 2016

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