Tuesday and My imagination

I have always dreamed he would come on A hot Tuesday night. Much like this one. Of course, it is much like all the hot, humid summer evenings. Crickets chirping. Dew falling and night sounds all around.

On the air, I smell his sent. I sit quietly, and I wonder where the time went. That time long ago. That time when happiness, laughter, and love did flow. A time, when I believed our friendship would crow.

Now, in my heart, is left, only an ache that continues to grow.

How can this friendship I mend? The pain, and emptiness put to an end? I so very much miss my awesome friend.

Some say, time will be a great healer. Some say, pain will be a great dealer. I, no not. I only know, the loneliness, the void, I got.

I won! Don’t you see? The loss! Caused by untruths being told. By apologies getting old.

I learned my lessons well. I know the consequence all too well.

So I ask once again. A second chance? My friend.

Poem from, TheLonging Heart!

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