Disability Awareness Day

Good day to all! Wherever you are in the world, there is something here for you. Whoever you are in the world, there is something here for you. Remember, all of us have limitations. None of us are completely free standing. One of my favorite affirmations that I made up myself is, “The world is not perfect, so I need not be perfect.” 

Then one day, someone asked me, what does it mean to be perfect? I could not answer them. When you read this list of days, to be recognized please be aware that even if you have none of these, you could at any time, either or end up with one or more yourself or someone dear to you could. I have always maintained that those who reject persons with disabilities are without doubt the most disabled of all. However, rather than becoming offended by their lack of tolerance I have made the decision to work toward educating them and helping to change their perspective. 

Disability Awareness Days, Dan’s Tip for June 23 22 2016

Good early morning to all. I just got back from one of those sleep studies which maybe should be called sleepless studies. A great way to stay awake for the rest of this long day of activities is to start out emailing my friends on Dan’s tips.  I wish all a very awesome Wednesday!


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