***!!! WINNER!!! WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!***

When I did not get any responses from Facebook, so I released the challenge to others I knew, and I have just received the following. My Friend’s name is Penny, and shortly you’ll see her ads. For now, here are the mistakes she found! How cool! She found every single one!

Twenty-seven mistakes not counting starting a separate paragraph for each speaker.


  1. tail for tale
  2. pries for prize
  3. pries for prize
  4. suit case for suitcase
  5. suit case for suitcase
  1. mommies for mommy’s
  2. fud for food
  3. all ready for already
  4. any time for anytime
  5. blast it for blasted
  6. suit case for suitcase
  7. pounced him insteaf of poounced on him
  8. suit case instead of suitcase
  9. in to the floor instead of onto the floor
  10. Gray hound instead of Greyhound
  11. woolf for woof
  12. You Know? instead of you know
  13. riff raff instead of riff-raff
  14. wanta instead of wanna
  15. in to instead of into
  16. friend’s homes instead of friends’ homes
  17. dud for dude
  18. No open quote
  19. tought instead of taught
  20. comma after believe it or not
  21. Stevens cats instead of Stevens’ cats
  22. pray instead of prey
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