Waking For the Second Time: In The Campbell Kingdom

I stumbled out of bed for the second time this day a few minutes ago. I was surprised to see we’d only slept about an hour and a half. Usually when we are up in the night as we were this one, when we go back to bed, we sleep a while. This morning that was not to be. I’d fed King Campbell before we laid back down, and so he was ready to go out. Maybe that’s we we’d awakened so soon I wondered, as I got us ready to go out. Each time I would lean over to put on a sock, Campbell rewarded me with a big kiss. When I stood to put his leash on him he did the Wigga Woo! Finally I had us ready to go. Once out in the crisp fall air I didn’t regret it, and I know he didn’t. Even though there was a mist in the air, and a rather stiff cool morning breeze which told of heavier rains coming, it was awesome! The leaves crunched under our feet in the morning stillness. Cars passed slowly by as if they too were trying not to interupted the peace which had fallen over the Earth in the moments just before dawn. We stopped underneath the large tree in the front yard which is our way and stood breathing deeply of the rain freshened air and giving thanks for this time together. After this we made our way back inside, and now as i sit with a hot cup of coffee beside me, my Campbell snoring in his bed, and Kitty Bob hopping up on to the back of my chair for a bath and a nap I am way glad for my home, my life, and another day with which to celebrate it all. No, I am not always this happy, or filled with gladness, but for this day we shall all be glad I am.

Blessid Be to all!

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